The Fat Burner Program - GBC Method

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Period of 8 weeks - 3 different training sessions each week

Popularized by trainer Charles Poliquin in the 90s as a way to increase muscle strength and balance, GBC has been shown to be efficient in creating optimal conditions for muscle building and fat loss. It is a programming method that focuses on increasing blood lactate levels (an excellent way to measure the intensity of the exercise) to promote fat loss and release a large amount of growth hormones. When implemented correctly, GBC is considered to be one of the most effective methods of building muscle while burning fat.


Is it necessary to add cardio in this program ?

It’s not mandatory to add cardiovascular exercise sessions to the program. This training plan offers a very high training intensity and therefore allows excellent results in fat mass reduction.

Is the program beginner friendly ?

Yes, this program can be adapted for everyone. Basic training knowledge is necessary, but when it comes to training intensity, it’s possible to adjust the loads according to the person's experience.


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Period of 8 weeks

3 different training sessions each week

About 60 minutes per session

Fat loss specific program

For beginners, intermediates and Advanced

Equipment needed: Machine, Dumbell, Cable, Barbell, Bench, Kettlebell

Demonstrative videos for each exercise


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