Bodybuilding Initiation Program - Advanced

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Period of 8 weeks - About 45 minutes per session

This program aims to build lean muscle tissue, increase muscle tone as well as emphasize your physical form and technique. Increased intensity and training sessions. It's a level up from the Beginner level programs!

The intro to hypertrophy - intermediate level program is split into 2 phases:

The 1st phase : Is comprised of 5x days of training per week – emphasized on adding new lean muscle tissue and strength progression

The 2nd phase : Is focused on targeting the upper and lower body with more intensity. Each time you get stronger in your moves. Always keep in mind that your physical shape is a priority.

The intensity will go up with every new phase. We’re looking for results and progression here!


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Your coach 24/7

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Period of 8 weeks

About 45 minutes per session

Specific program to hypertrophy

Intermediates and Advanced friendly

Demonstrative videos for each exercise


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