Cross-Training Program - Beginner

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Period of 4 weeks - About 15 to 45 minutes per session

This program aims to focus on strength, conditioning, and endurance through various movements. It’s clearly a good introduction to all the moves and types of workouts you’ll be doing.

Keep track of the time it took you to complete the workouts, how you felt and how many repetitions you were able to do without taking a break. Also pay attention to which load you used throughout the workouts in order to compare them when you’ll test yourself again at the end of the cycle !


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Your coach 24/7

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Period of 4 weeks

About 15 to 45 minutes per session

For beginners (can be adapted to intermediates levels)

Equipment needed: rower, dumbbells, barbells, box, skip rope, skierg, Olympic rings (every movement can be modified if any of these are not at your disposal)

Demonstrative videos for each exercise


  • Access to your workout from the Everwell app

  • Your physical health schedule and your day-to-day training plan

  • Weekly tips and tricks specific to your goals

  • The instructions and definitions of all the training terms