Hybrid program

for muscle mass gain and strength gain

musculaire et gain de force


mass gain and strength gain

La méthode prouvée par nos experts et kinésiologues pour ta prise de masse musculaire et de force brute. EVERBUILD est le programme d’hypertrophie sur 12 semaines le plus efficace pour t’aider à prendre du muscle et gagner en force afin de détruire tes anciennes charges au Bench press, au Back squat et au Dead lift.

Objective and Focus of the program

Objective and Focus of the program

Mass gain program for men or women, beginner or advanced


Hypertrophy program for gaining muscle mass


Gain strength, capacity and muscular endurance


Progressive overload training targeting the main movements (Squat, Bench, Deadlift and accessories)


Bodybuilding exercises, time management under tension (tempo), and mechanical stress in order to promote muscular hypertrophy

What to expect from the program

4 to 5 sessions per week, 12 blocks (phase) for 12 weeks of training

60 to 75 minutes maximum per training session

Adapted according to your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced

Use of conventional gym equipment (machines, free weights, barbells)

Everbuild Program


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Exhaustive library of training, warm-up and mobility extras

Instructional videos and images for each exercise

Real-time progress tracking

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Live support with the Everwell team
Private profile with photos and personalized settings
Compatible with your smart watch
Integration of personal objectives
Achievement log and merit badges
Log your meals, eating goals and other activities

What is the InBody Body Composition Test?

What is the InBody Body Composition Test?

The InBody test evaluates your fat percentage in a few seconds, measuring fat, muscle, water mass, and basal metabolism. All in less than a minute, without having to undress! This is the ideal tool to monitor your progress and identify your health and well-being needs.

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To follow your EVERBUILD workout program, you need access to conventional gym equipment, including machines, free weights and dumbbells. This equipment is essential for performing the wide range of exercises provided, including core movements like the Squat, Bench press and Deadlift, which are at the heart of this 12-week hypertrophy program.

The EVERBUILD program is designed by our kinesiologist trainers to be followed 4 to 5 times per week, with training sessions lasting between 60 to 75 minutes. This commitment allows constant progression in strength and muscle mass gain over the 12 blocks of the program.

EVERBUILD is ideal if your goal is mass gain and strength, thanks to its focus on hypertrophy and progressive overload training.
Choose EVERFIT for a weight loss training program, and EVERHOME if you are looking for a home training program that requires little equipment.
Your choice will mainly depend on your objectives and the equipment you have available.

The EVERHOME, EVERBUILD or EVERFIT à la carte training plans do not include a personalized meal plan for your mass gain. However, you will find several tools and guides for better habits, recipes and more. At Everwell, we know that balancing exercise and nutrition is essential. This is why our private consultation coaches are there to guide you with tailor-made advice, perfectly aligned with your training program and your physical condition. To hire a naturopath and private trainer, book a first call with them right here: https://everwellpro.com/pages/booking

EVERBUILD is suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced. The program offers detailed instructions for each exercise, with accompanying videos and images via the Everwell mobile workout app. In addition, the training planning is flexible, and allows you to adjust the intensity and complexity of the exercises according to your progress.


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