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With Everwell, physical health is made easy. We help you build your goals and guide you through a unique and thought-out process with a private coach.

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Book a free consultation with one of our trainers so that he can assess your condition and give you the best advice for your goals. All our coaches are certified health professionals recognized in Quebec.

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Track your progress with your personalized food and workout plans on our mobile app. Analyze your physical condition using our cutting-edge InBody technology - accessible everywhere in Quebec!

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No more diets and endless workouts. Regain control of your physical health with a clear and simple plan, customized to your needs and availability. At Everwell, you will have your assigned coach who will guide you through the process!

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Your coach 24/7

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Proper physical health, always at your fingertips thanks to the unique Everwell app: Train efficiently, stay motivated and connected 24/7 with your coach.

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Alexis Beriault

Trainer and naturopath
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Specialist in fat loss and recognized for my "LEG DAY" programs, I help you reach your full physical potential and adopt the best mindset through a clear and precise structure for your training, your diet and your lifestyle.
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Weight loss
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Francis Menard

Trainer, Naturopath
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Naturopathy practitioner, Francis curiosity and very human spirit pushes him to take an interest not only in your physical health, but also in everything that surrounds it to fully understand your needs as a whole. He describes himself as a "health educator". Coach Francis is an expert in fat loss, nutrition, digestive health and supplementation.
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Everwell Private Coaching
PRICE PER MONTH. One-time additional fee of $99 on first payment for set up and evaluation. Includes your full assessment, your first InBody scan, plan creation and Everwell app registration. "Contract-free"

Everwell Coaching

$149 PER MONTH. One-time set up fee of $99 on first payment that includes your full assessment, your first InBody scan, plan creation and Everwell app registration. Contract-free.
Assignment of your Everwell private coach available 24/7
New tailor-made training program delivered each month
Personalized meal plan
Monthly follow-ups & plans adjustments
InBody body composition analysis included every month
Supplements posology
Unlimited access to the Everwell App
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Training Programs

Fat Loss Membership
(14 days free trial)
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The fat loss program (gym) is for those who want to take their body composition and their results to another level by rapidly reducing their fat percentage while toning their muscle mass.

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At Home Membership
(14 days free trial)
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The program aims to increase muscle mass while maintaining muscle tone and losing fat ! The home training program is adjustable and is adapted to your daily life.

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Muscle Mass Gain Membership
(14 days free trial)
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Hypertrophy is the increase in volume of a muscle tissue. It is triggered due to increased physical activity. The program aims to optimize health, improve the immune system, increase muscle mass and strength! It is adjustable and adapted to your daily life.

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Behind each goal, a unique process

We put great care in understanding your exact reality and objectives allowing us to define together the step by step process that will generate the expected results.

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It's not just a workout, it's a long term lifestyle! I quickly understood this when my coach made me realize the importance of balancing discipline and pleasure. For me, that made all the difference.

We always have our phones in hand, why not use them smartly with the Everwell app?

- Melissa

Everwell put me at ease from day one. My coach is always available to me via the app's private messaging, whether it's to answer my questions about my training, give me additional exercises to help with my recovery or to make adjustments to my meal plan.
I feel that we are a team, my coach and me.

- Matt

Before the InBody analysis, I thought I was on the right track with my diet and training. In fact, I had it all wrong and I was making myself sick. I was following a fat loss lifestyle, when on the contrary, I had to gain pounds to be healthy. […]
I no longer have the discipline and the time that I had before being a mother. However, I manage to exceed my goals because I put my efforts in the right place thanks to my coach!

- Maude

Before Everwell, I had never set foot in a gym, I had never trained. In fact, I didn't even know if I was going to like it. Result: I am at the gym 3 to 4 times a week at 4AM before going to work. I make every effort to make my coach proud of my results. I love my new lifestyle, it makes me proud.

- Tristan

The Everwell structure scared me: I thought it was only for athletes. Besides, I who am not very good with computers, I wondered how I was going to find myself there. I got started anyway and I love it! […]
My big challenge is consistency and nutrition. My coach helps keep me on track and I already see a huge difference in my stamina and overall health.

- Brigitte

I lived in total chaos as much for my training, my diet as my lifestyle. Everwell gives me a new structure and motivation. They send me notifications for my fitness schedule and each time I tell myself that Everwell is counting on me and that I must remain reliable. I've enjoyed my lifestyle a lot more now that I know exactly what to do to stay on track.


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You have questions, we have answers! Feel free to reach out directly if you don’t find your answer below, we’ll be happy to assist you.

General Online Personal Trainer InBody Technology
First, we assign you to the best trainer for you and your goals. Then we'll assess your full fitness and create your personalized training and nutrition plans. Thereafter, we guide our clients by videoconference once a month. Clients have a recurring appointment, which is arranged with the trainer. He will take the time to create and prepare your programs, then to follow your progress through the follow-ups, while making the necessary adjustments.

A consultant is usually an expert in a specific industry. He will give you answers to all your questions and can even implement strategies and programs for you.

A coach will ask you to probe questions to bring out your unique abilities, help you create a vision and plan, and stay with you as you implement changes.

A coach holds you accountable for what you say you will do, inspires you to do more than you would on your own, and helps you overcome limiting beliefs that keep you from being successful.

We are both consultants and coach.

Yes, this is very important! Make sure your coach is certified. There are a lot of people who call themselves coaches today who haven't received any formal training.

Many have decided to add the word “coach” to their title in hopes of catching the coaching train. Make sure that your potential coach has received specific coach training from an accredited coach training school in Quebec.

The results often depend on you and your determination not only to follow the coaching program and my recommendations, but also to decide that nothing will stop you from achieving the results you desire.

As often as you want! Your coach will ask you how many days you want to train and create your plan based on your preferences. You can change your training schedule at any time, and your plan covers monthly workouts and unlimited support from your trainer at no additional cost.

No. We have no hidden fees, charges, or contracts. The only thing you will be charged is your monthly subscription.

All the types of workouts you want! Tell your trainer what your favorite types of exercise are - whether you do HIIT, yoga, weight training, running, swimming, rowing, bootcamping, hiking, biking, or whatever else you do. can think of. Your coach will incorporate your favorite training methods into your plan.

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