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Coach Beth's Schedule

Beth Pike

Discovering training in my younger teen years was a blessing; experiencing the feeling of being strong blew my mind and changed the way I saw and valued myself and my body. I am small and mighty, and my favourite form of self-care is lifting heavy and never feeling guilty after a weekend indulgence (or a few ;)).
Coach Thibault's Schedule

Thibault Van-Elsue

Trainer, naturopath, osteopath and kinesiologist
I am a former professional athlete that's been passionate about physical health, for as long as I can remember. My mission here is to optimize your health and help you achieve your personal goals whether it be from a physiological or nutritional point of view. All the while making it simple and adapted to your lifestyle !
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Coach Vincent's Schedule

Vincent Carey

Trainer and kinesiologist
Armed with compassion, active listening and a deep motivation to help you improve your health, I am also not afraid to tell you the truth in order to accelerate your progress, but above all, in order to help you retain your new lifestyle habits. Regain control of your body and health durably !
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Coach Alexis's Schedule

Alexis Beriault

Trainer and naturopath
Specialist in fat loss and recognized for my "LEG DAY" programs, I help you reach your full physical potential and adopt the best mindset through a clear and precise structure for your training, your diet and your lifestyle.
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