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The #1 home workout program built to make working out at home just as effective as working out in a gym. A complete 12-week training plan to tone your muscles, lose weight and maximize your energy! Simple movements to perform that just require a pair of free weights. The perfect, easy-to-follow program that will take you to your maximum capabilities and beyond your goals.

Objective and Focus of the program

Objective and Focus of the program

Home workout program for men or women, beginner or intermediate


Muscle toning and increased endurance


Increase in basal metabolism and muscle energy


High-intensity movements to sweat and move efficiently


Varied and easy-to-perform series of exercises to stay in control

What to expect from the program

4 to 5 sessions per week, for 12 weeks of home training

35 to 45 minutes maximum per training session

Adapted according to your level: beginner or intermediate

Only one pair of free weights is recommended

Everhome Program


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Also included

Live support with the Everwell team
Private profile with photos and personalized settings
Compatible with your smart watch
Integration of personal objectives
Journal des accomplissements et badges de mérites
Log your meals, eating goals and other activities

What is the InBody Body Composition Test?

What is the InBody Body Composition Test?

The InBody test evaluates your fat percentage in a few seconds, measuring fat, muscle, water mass, and basal metabolism. All in less than a minute, without having to undress! This is the ideal tool to monitor your progress and identify your health and well-being needs.

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EVERHOME is tailor-made for beginners and intermediate profiles. If you're looking to sculpt your body, lose weight, or simply sweat and move from home, this program is for you. Designed and approved by our kinesiologist trainers, the EVERHOME program adjusts to your current level and supports you at your own pace towards achieving your goals.

To embark on the EVERHOME adventure, you will only need the essentials: a pair of free weights. This minimalist approach guarantees an easy and straightforward start, allowing you to dive straight into your training program, all with a very affordable initial investment.
These free weights are necessary for a variety of exercises offered in the EVERHOME program. They allow you to work efficiently, from the comfort of your home. At Everwell, we believe in the power of simplicity to help you become the best version of yourself.

To achieve visible results with EVERHOME, we recommend following 4 to 5 sessions per week for 12 weeks. Each workout, scheduled to last 35 to 45 minutes, is designed to complement your daily routine without disrupting it. This rhythm is ideal for encouraging significant changes while respecting your body's need for recovery.

The training plans do not include a personalized diet plan for your fat loss. Several very interesting tools for your physical health are available, such as recipe guides, ebooks and natural detoxes. It is true that the balance between exercise and nutrition is essential, it is one of our main attentions. This is why you can hire a trainer in private consultation to guide you with tailor-made dietary advice and a food plan aligned with your training program and your current physical condition. To hire one of our naturopath experts, book a first call with us right here: https://everwellpro.com/pages/booking

At Everwell, we have developed three tailor-made programs to perfectly align with each of your goals: EVERFIT, EVERHOME, and EVERBUILD.
EVERFIT is perfect if you're looking for a workout focused on weight loss and muscle toning. This program offers you a dynamic mix of cardio and strength training to help you sculpt your body.
EVERHOME is the ideal choice if you are looking for a workout program that allows you to stay active and fit from home. No matter the size of your space, this program ensures continuity in your physical activity without having to leave your cocoon.
EVERBUILD is the mass gain program you need if your goal is to develop your muscles and increase your strength. With its intensive training sessions, this program is designed to propel you to new heights of strength and muscle volume.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, our coaches will develop a program to suit your level and help you progress at your own pace.


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