Why Everwell

More than a coach

To each their own! We offer a customized support and process to all of our clients in order to cater to their specific needs and reality.

Evaluate your physical condition

Enjoy unlimited access to our InBody technology, available across Quebec, allowing you to analyse your physical condition which will be the base of your training plan while helping your trainer track your ongoing progress.

Meal planning

Forget about common old diets : we set up a customized meal plan with continuous adjustments from your coach based on your preferences.  

Training plan

Would you be of a beginner, intermediate or advanced level, we design a training plan adapted to your starting physical condition, your available time and your personal goals.

24/7 support and data

Your coach, your programs and physical health data, all available in one smartphone and smartwatch friendly app.  


Coach en ligne

Ton entraîneur privé

Your online private trainer who will create your training and meal plans each month in addition to monitoring your progress on a daily basis, including monthly 1-1 (Zoom) meetings.

Accessible everywhere in Quebec!

  • Your personalized plans
  • Your Private trainer 24/7
  • Follow-ups and InBody Analysis
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Mesure health better

Leverage our innovation

Thanks to InBody’s innovative in-depth analysis, get precise results for body composition outputs, such as body fat, skeletal muscle mass, lean body mass (segmental) and body fat percentage.

  • The most accurate body analysis on the market
  • Get clinically proven results in less than 45 seconds
  • Quick, comfortable and fully clothed
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Tout sur l'app

Notre application Privée

Everything in one place, at your fingertips. All your plans, your coach and your physical health data on our private app for Everwell members. Communicate directly with your trainer and follow your progress every day.

Your coach, your training and your meal plan always at your fingertips.

  • Private messaging and engaging customer community groups
  • Progress log and explanatory videos of the movements
  • Calendar planning for trainings, objectives and habits
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Private Coach
PRICE PER MONTH "Contract-free"

Everwell Coaching

$149 PER MONTH. One-time set up fee of $99 on first payment that includes your full assessment, your first InBody scan, plan creation and Everwell app registration. Contract-free.

It's not just a workout, it's a long term lifestyle! I quickly understood this when my coach made me realize the importance of balancing discipline and pleasure. For me, that made all the difference.

We always have our phones in hand, why not use them smartly with the Everwell app?

- Melissa

Everwell put me at ease from day one. My coach is always available to me via the app's private messaging, whether it's to answer my questions about my training, give me additional exercises to help with my recovery or to make adjustments to my meal plan.
I feel that we are a team, my coach and me.

- Matt

Before the InBody analysis, I thought I was on the right track with my diet and training. In fact, I had it all wrong and I was making myself sick. I was following a fat loss lifestyle, when on the contrary, I had to gain pounds to be healthy. […]
I no longer have the discipline and the time that I had before being a mother. However, I manage to exceed my goals because I put my efforts in the right place thanks to my coach!

- Maude

Before Everwell, I had never set foot in a gym, I had never trained. In fact, I didn't even know if I was going to like it. Result: I am at the gym 3 to 4 times a week at 4AM before going to work. I make every effort to make my coach proud of my results. I love my new lifestyle, it makes me proud.

- Tristan

The Everwell structure scared me: I thought it was only for athletes. Besides, I who am not very good with computers, I wondered how I was going to find myself there. I got started anyway and I love it! […]
My big challenge is consistency and nutrition. My coach helps keep me on track and I already see a huge difference in my stamina and overall health.

- Brigitte

I lived in total chaos as much for my training, my diet as my lifestyle. Everwell gives me a new structure and motivation. They send me notifications for my fitness schedule and each time I tell myself that Everwell is counting on me and that I must remain reliable. I've enjoyed my lifestyle a lot more now that I know exactly what to do to stay on track.

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