Francis Menard

Trainer and Naturopath

Naturopathy practitioner, Francis curiosity and very human spirit pushes him to take an interest not only in your physical health, but also in everything that surrounds it to fully understand your needs as a whole. He describes himself as a "health educator". Coach Francis is an expert in fat loss, nutrition, digestive health and supplementation.

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Specialities / skills

Fat loss
Mass gain
Functionnal training
Lifestyle & habits
Digestive health
At home workout

Online coach


His willingness to share his passion and his knowledge will allow you to be more independent with your physical health so that you are in control of your diet and your healthy lifestyle.

"It's important to make changes for yourself, but it's also important to understand why we're doing all this."

  • Fat loss
  • Nutrition
  • Digestive health
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