La routine et ton ME TIME||Daily routine and the ME TIME method

Dec 20, 21

5 to 7 minutes

By Alexis Beriault

Daily routine and the ME TIME method

One of the most important aspects of well-being is the concept of time you set aside for yourself. It’s more than essential to know how to practice it and especially how to incorporate it into your daily life: here are some tips to guide you through it.

As I often explain to my clients, in order to find a balance between health and well-being, there are 4 important points that we must include and optimize in our lives: training, nutrition, supplementation and the routine.

Today, I'm going to talk to you about the most important aspect. This one has a direct impact on your progress, your achievements and your true well-being : it’s your routine. Specifically, your 'ME TIME'

The importance of your ME TIME

The concept of ME TIME is built around creating quality moments, just for yourself. It allows you to reconnect with yourself, to put your thoughts in order, to be present and to recover mentally.

Even if you train 12 hours a week and eat the best foods according to your calorie plan, if you’re mentally exhausted, no matter what, you’ll feel stuck : the increase of stress, the quality of your sleep will be affected, your social interactions will degrade, you’ll have the impression that your relationships are overwhelming to manage and so on…

Just as your body takes time to digest your food or recover from a workout, your brain also needs to recover from the different events of the day, the week or even the past few months!

In order to achieve that, the best thing I have experienced on a daily basis is the ME TIME method. It's as satisfying as a break in the south, except that the sand and the sun are out of the equation. Trust me, it's still what you need! It’s a time to PLAY, THINK, WALK or READ, without all the screens we’re used to (phone, TV, computer), with no work or urgent responsibilities.

It’s the perfect time to disconnect from the "TO DO LIST" with the aim to connect with yourself for at least 1 hour per day

Some ME TIME ideas

Here are some examples of ME TIME that I like to add to my schedule :

  1. Going off by myself and reading a novel or a self-help book for an hour in a coffee shop, a park, or a place where I enjoy the atmosphere and energy.
  2. Walking alone for 1 hour - without any music blasting in my ear- in a neighborhood or a place that inspires me. I discovered the old-Longueuil, the old La Prairie and some of the little hidden gems of the city of Montreal.
  3. Lying on the floor, with my legs straight on the wall for 15 to 20 minutes in order to just rest my eyes, let my thoughts flow naturally and concentrate on my breathing. I usually do this twice during 3 minutes with 3 breaths per minute. Afterwards, I’m completely relaxed and my mind is much clearer. It’s also important to note that sitting up like this allows lymphatic drainage of the legs and therefore greatly optimizes physical recovery.
  4. Going out to play with your dog or your children is surely the most freeing and refreshing activity of the day. Creating a simple connection with them will undoubtedly help you be in the moment.

Do this without putting any pressure on yourself. Plan something for yourself according to your availability and enjoyments. The most important thing is to start this new routine. Just like your workout and meal prep, make sure to write it down in your calendar. Otherwise, it may never happen in your day.

''Schedule the date you have with the most important person in your life, yourself !''

Enjoy your ME TIME !

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