Le Pouvoir des Objectifs Hebdomadaires || The Power of Weekly Goals

Feb 02, 22

3 minutes

By Coach Vincent

The Power of Weekly Goals

Who hasn't already wanted to introduce fitness sessions into their schedule to lose weight or increase muscle mass? These are good intentions, but your well-being and health should be the goal to achieve with a workout program.

In fact, when your goal is mainly oriented towards aesthetics, either fat loss or muscle mass gain, the process of achieving the desired result will seem very long and unlikely to bring the desired purpose. Unfortunately, it is likely that you will give up after a few months or even a few sessions.   However, while your physical well-being and health are an integral part   of the equation, a suitable fitness program will bring you results, motivation, the desire to persevere, and most importantly, well-being and health.

To take full advantage of your training program and the physical and moral benefits it will bring you and avoid periods of lethargic or discouragement, the solution is to set daily challenges or goals to achieve rather than goals focused on achieving the result. It's a winning process that will bring you small victories every day that will motivate you and encourage you to continue your journey.

To illustrate my point, here is a concrete example:

Your initial goal:

"I want to lose 25 lbs. by this date"

Process to follow:

  • Walk 7,000 steps a day
  • Train 3 times a week
  • Include a source of protein and a serving of vegetable at all meals
  • Drink 2 liters of water a day
  • Sleep 8 hours per night

I took this example to show you that the process to follow to achieve your goals does not have to be restrictive, but rather builds small elements of routine easily inserted into a schedule. These small actions may seem insignificant at first, but when you repeat them every day and every week consistently, these small actions lead to great results!

In addition, this process largely eliminates the stress caused by setting realistic and achievable goals daily and provides physical and moral well-being that increases your chances of achieving your fitness goal and, more importantly, of maintaining this good shape in the long term.

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Alexis Beriault

Trainer and naturopath
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Specialist in fat loss and recognized for my "LEG DAY" programs, I help you reach your full physical potential and adopt the best mindset through a clear and precise structure for your training, your diet and your lifestyle.
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Kasandra Hamel

Dietary Technician and Certified Trainer
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Fitness specialist and recognized for my BOOTY DAY. I help you create a routine that works for you and your unrestricted lifestyle. Above all, I guide you to love the process and make it an enjoyable long-term routine.
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Francis Menard

Trainer and Naturopath
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Naturopathy practitioner, Francis curiosity and very human spirit pushes him to take an interest not only in your physical health, but also in everything that surrounds it to fully understand your needs as a whole. He describes himself as a "health educator". Coach Francis is an expert in fat loss, nutrition, digestive health and supplementation.
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Charles Lacasse

Kinesiology and physiotherapy technologist
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With his educational approach, Charles helps you better understand the impact of your training, your diet and your lifestyle on your body. An expert in body recomposition and performance, achieving your goals has never been easier.
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