Quel exercice cardio permet une plus grande dépense calorique?||Which cardio workout is the greatest calorie burner?

May 06, 22

5 minutes

By Thibault Van-Elsue

Which cardio workout is the greatest calorie burner?

Considering our busy schedules, we try to optimize our physical activity sessions as much as possible. So, between walking, running and HIIT training, which of these exercises is the greatest calorie burner?
The answer is mind-blowing!


Let's compare those three activités on the same individual in the same environment. Over a twenty-minute period, running at moderate intensity would be the exercise that allows the biggest caloric expenditure. Does this mean that moderate-intensity cardio is the best physical activity for fat loss? Not exactly. There are several factors to consider.
On paper, it is true that cardio activity results in higher caloric expenditure. However, the reality is that you risk reaching your goals in the medium to long term. For physical activity to be effective in reaching your goals, it must be adapted to your lifestyle and respect certain criteria. Here, we must analyze your body analysis and your physical data, your caloric inputs and outputs as well as your programming. However, one variable that is too often neglected in this equation is recovery capacity.
Have you ever heard of overtraining? If the training volume of a program is too high and the balance with recovery is not optimal, your health goals are in peril. It will be impossible to achieve the desired results, whether your goal is mass gain, fat loss, or even a specific athletic performance. The body sends signals of exhaustion and fatigue (nervous or physical) when recovery is insufficient. By wanting to do your best too hard and too often, you jeopardize the whole process of getting there. Hence the importance of knowing your basal metabolic rate, your approximate caloric expenditure per workout, your training frequency, and your signs of exhaustion. That's why it's important to consider your recovery capacity so that you don't fall out of balance. This way, you optimize your training, your metabolism, and your time!
What can you do to ensure this?
A smartwatch can help you calculate your daily caloric expenditure and analyze your heart rate in real-time. Of course, a health professional is the best option because he or she can structure your goals according to your lifestyle and help you avoid certain mistakes.
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