La Vitamine D et ses bienfaits || The benefits of Vitamin D

Mar 29, 23

7 minutes

By Charles Lacasse

The benefits of Vitamin D


Is vitamin D essential?

The short answer: yes! But still...


WHO needs it?

  • Active people.
  • People who are overweight.
  • Canadians.
  • Everyone, really!


Due to the lack of sun exposure, most of the Quebec population is deficient in vitamin D. In fact, 32% of Canadians are deficient in vitamin D and the figures increase in winter: we are talking about 40% of the population according to Statistics Canada.


Active people have a greater need for this vitamin, which accentuates its deficiency.


When overweight or obese, this deficiency also increases:

  • 35% more likely to be deficient when obese.
  • 24% more likely to be deficient when overweight.


Also, it has been noted that sleep disorders are often associated with a vitamin D deficiency.

Supplementation is therefore essential for everyone.



When we become aware of the benefits that the sunshine vitamin brings to our body, we jump at the opportunity to optimize our health on so many levels! Here are some of its benefits:

  • Increases the efficiency of the immune system
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Increases free testosterone levels
  • Prevention of degenerative diseases (such as Parkinson's).
  • Increases muscle strength by 1.37% to 18.75%.
  • Improves the efficiency of satellite cells (muscle regeneration), thus extending their life span. 

For active people we recommend a dosage of 25 to 35 times the body weight in pounds. As an example, a person weighing 180 lbs, can consume 4500 IU to 6300 IU.


Our coaches can help you establish a supplementation plan that meets your daily needs. We are offering you a free consultation with one of them today to discuss this further:





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