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Dec 20, 21

5 to 7 minutes

By Alexis Beriault

TOP 3 The reasons why I chose functional training

Functional training offers several methods and styles of exercise. It helps you select your ideal physical health development.

How do you lift 125 lb load while remaining seated on your couch ? This was my first thought when I started to read about 'functional training as opposed to indoor training with the use of different machines' - which I still use regularly by the way for movement mechanics, insulation, rehabilitation, but also aesthetics - .

Pushing, pulling, lifting, throwing, jumping and holding ... Strength, speed, agility and ability ... ’’

In my opinion, to achieve the best physical and aesthetic version of yourself, all these criteria are equal and very much essential.

My vision of physical health is geared towards constantly improving the different categories that functional training offers. Keeping in mind that the goal is to actually be able to benefit from it even outside of the gym.

3 reasons why I use functional training for physical and mental health :

1. Improve your performances in all activities you usually partake in

Are you a yoga lover, a hiker, a runner or a swimmer ? Do you play soccer, hockey, baseball, squash or even Frisbee on the beach? We got you !

As mentioned before, functional training encompasses several categories of physical performance. It helps you to work on your weaknesses, whether they’re specific to your cardiovascular abilities, your strength or your coordination. Above all, it allows you to train the performed movement rather than focusing exclusively on muscle mass. It will then make you run longer, throw harder or just jump better while catching your Frisbee.

2. How to optimize your schedule in order to spend less time at the gym

Most functional training focuses on the movement mechanics and the speed of execution. When done properly and when the load is perfect, these workouts can be very intense. They often involve several muscle groups that you work intensely at the same time by using different movement dynamics. This set will drastically increase your metabolism in just a few minutes!

3. The best option to lose fat

To lose fat, you have to eat less calories than you burn (according to your basic metabolism). It’s important to think about boosting your metabolism when what you're eliminating every day isn't enough for you.

In functional training, you slowly pull, push and lift heavier objects or you do so with less heavy ones but faster! The exercises and movements varied constantly and they contain several types of interval that increase the volume, intensity and cardiovascular effort. It’s a happy blend that will further stimulate your metabolism.

It was important for me to highlight certain aspects of functional training in order to help you understand that there are many methods and styles of training you can use to achieve your goals. Always choose the best option for you. At the end of the day, the important thing is to get off the couch and get active.

Just do it !

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Alexis Beriault

Trainer and naturopath
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Specialist in fat loss and recognized for my "LEG DAY" programs, I help you reach your full physical potential and adopt the best mindset through a clear and precise structure for your training, your diet and your lifestyle.
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Kasandra Hamel

Dietary Technician and Certified Trainer
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Fitness specialist and recognized for my BOOTY DAY. I help you create a routine that works for you and your unrestricted lifestyle. Above all, I guide you to love the process and make it an enjoyable long-term routine.
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Francis Menard

Trainer and Naturopath
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Naturopathy practitioner, Francis curiosity and very human spirit pushes him to take an interest not only in your physical health, but also in everything that surrounds it to fully understand your needs as a whole. He describes himself as a "health educator". Coach Francis is an expert in fat loss, nutrition, digestive health and supplementation.
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Charles Lacasse

Kinesiology and physiotherapy technologist
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With his educational approach, Charles helps you better understand the impact of your training, your diet and your lifestyle on your body. An expert in body recomposition and performance, achieving your goals has never been easier.
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