Quel entrainement maximise ton résultat? || Which training will maximize your results?

Jul 08, 22

5 minutes

By Thibault Van-Elsue

Which training will maximize your results?


"How do I optimize my physical activities for maximum results? Cardio, HITT training, strength training... what type of training will get me to my goal by X amount of time?"

These are legitimate questions to ask ourselves when we are serious about putting the right efforts in the right places to achieve our health goals.

First of all, you need to know that the ideal type of training for you is defined by your goals and your ability to recover.


Cardiovascular training

(Moderate intensity)

A must for everyone: for young and old, beginners or advanced... The heart is the most important muscle to strengthen and maintain!

Benefits :

  • Maintain your cardiovascular health Interesting caloric expenditure
  • Without overtaxing your muscles


HITT training

This type of training will allow you to work all of your muscles with little rest time. The movements are full and fast, causing a high heart rate.


  • Provides a high caloric expenditure in a short period of time
  • Often associated with a goal of losing fat or increasing physical endurance


Strength training

It adapts to all goals: whether you are losing fat, gaining mass, or even strength and endurance.


  • Develops strength, tone, and muscle mass - whether strong or moderate
  • Allows you to move better in your daily life
  • Promotes better posture


While all of these types of training seem to be good for every benefit they offer, there are some important factors to consider when planning your workout.



Your Lifestyle

Are you sedentary or active? Does your job require you to spend long hours in a stagnant position or are you constantly in action? What activities do you do during the week and on the weekends? Do you add small challenges to your daily routine such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator to get to the office?

All of these elements need to be measured and calculated to establish a global picture of your lifestyle and align it with your health goal.


Your caloric expenditure

Does your diet meet your needs? Are you overeating? Or maybe not enough! What you provide to your body and what it expends must be properly balanced to allow results that reflect your efforts.


Your ability to recover

Too often neglected, recovery is the key to your success. Keep in mind that "too much" is like "not enough".

Many people stagnate or regress and yet train every day and put incredible effort into their physical health. The mistake is this: your muscles and nervous system need a break. If you don't give them this break, your results will be affected, despite your consistency.

It takes enough time for your body to synthesize protein and recover from your workouts. This recovery varies greatly from one individual to another. That's why you need to adapt each training plan to your specific profile.


To determine what training you need to achieve your results, you first need to know more about yourself. The InBody body analysis that we offer to our coaching members allows us to know a lot about them. However, nothing beats a complete physical health assessment to give you a complete picture and make the necessary adjustments to help you exceed your health goals!

Don't be shy. We're offering you a free consultation with a coach today! You have nothing to lose, everything to gain. Book your virtual call via the link below.

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